Body Sculpting Treatments

Face Lift-Our Revolutionary NON-INVASIVE Face Lift is a one-of-a-kind treatment that cleanses, nourishes, lifts and tones the skin with noticeable and immediate results! This process was created to tighten and retrain the muscles that have diminished over time. Your youthful glow will return better than ever! $350.00 

Eye Lift – Much like the face lift this procedure uses Micro Current and Radio Frequency all in one tool to give you an amazing lift in both your skin and muscle around your eyes! Giving you amore wide awake appearance. $150.00

Breast Lift – This service will not only lift your breasts, but will also take away any stretch marks! Using the power of Radio Frequency we manipulate your tissues to tone and tighten the skin back up that gravity has depreciated. $250.00

Butt Lift– Using the same technique as the Breast lift, this service will tone and tighten your skin. Lifting that droopy booty! $250.00

LipoLaser - Lipolaser treatments are non-invasive and clients feel no pain! The fat is burned as energy in the body or normal metabolic processing—just like when you exercise and release fat. Loose 1 inch without lifestyle change and up to 5 inches with change. $250.00