I’ve had a lot of treatments. My eyeliner tattoo is a lot of help in the morning. No more frustration that I’m not drawing a perfect line. The lip liner is another favorite. My lips are full and plump, always perfect with a youthful mountain dew glow. I also had my eyebrows done. I over plucked my eyebrows a few years back and was always self conscious about them. I’m not an artist and had trouble drawing them in. Now that I’ve had my eyebrows shaped it draws more attention to my eyes. The most significant process I’ve had done is the facial derma roll. Now my skin is bright and youthful. My face looks younger and firmer like it did when I had more collagen. I think I look 10 years younger. My husband says more like 15 years younger. Maintenance is easy just wash your face, moisturize and apply your oil twice a day. Now that I have permanent makeup, I apply my mineral powder base, blush and mascara. I’m ready to go out the door in 5 minutes. I don’t think I would ever get plastic surgery and now I don’t need to. I’ll just have to age gracefully but nothing says I can’t go in to get my permanent makeup refreshed. I’m a big believer in Permanent makeup. It lasts for up to 10 years depending on your skin type. I’m saving hours a week because I’m not spending so much time applying my makeup. Paula R.

All I can say is “WOW” I love being able to wake up or go swimming or whatever the case may be and never have to apply eyeliner! No more smears or touching it up thru out the day. So many are scared to do it thinking it will hurt but please believe me…….I am one that is scared of things like this and I am one to tell you……IT IS NOT PAINFUL AND GOES BY SO FAST AND EASY! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND KAREN!!!!! China H.

Recently, I decided to have my eyelashes permed and permanent eyeliner applied. I am so thankful that I chose Karen! She is honest, professional, and personable. She offered her expert opinion tailored to my specific needs, and the results are beyond my expectations!

Karen is a talented artist and provides a warm and relaxing atmosphere as she performs her magic! I highly recommend Karen's services. I can't wait to go back! Mary F. 

I HIGHLY recommend Belle Eternelle! I love my permanent make-up! Go visit Karen, she is an awesome lady that does fabulous work! Michelle B. 

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my permanent eye liner and eyebrows. Being blonde, I was so concerned that it would all be too dark for my coloring. It is perfect. I can't thank you enough. I will be back to do the lips next. Rindy S. 

I have enjoyed many services at Belle Eternelle including Eyelash Perm, eyeliner and brows, blush, rejuvenating face mask and many more. I truly believe in the vitamin oils and creams, I have day skin and this truly has been a big help, as well as mineral make-up and the wonderful Blinc mascara. I have never had a poor result which is testament to the professional treatment of Ms. Karen Leslie. Karen is truly in the business to care for her clients and it shows. I encourage anyone interested to put themselves in Karen's care. You will not be disappointed and you will look fabulous!

Deborah P. 

"Thank you so much, Karen, for making my Belle Eternelle experience so much fun! I love my new permanant eyeliner and can't wait to have my lips tinted ... I feel younger already! Belle Eternelle is my favorite Fountain of Youth!"

Dear Karen, I just want to let you know how happy I am with your work and my “new set of eyes.” Growing up when I first discovered mascara, I soon realized I did not have the natural curl that some other girls had. It has frustrated me all my life. I have used the curlers you buy at the stores only to find, my lashes had the spiky spider look. Never in my wildest dreams would I have bet that one day, I would have the “natural curled eyelashes” I so envied. Miracles do happen and today you created one with me. Thank you so much. I am still in dreamland! I feel almost like a different person. Maria A.

First off a little back ground on me, I am a Canadian from a small town of 10 thousand people so moving to Houstan has definitely expanded my horizons if you might say. Then to meet Karen was amazing she applied eyeliner to top and bottom what an amazing difference, once again coming from a small town not wearing makeup and when I would apply makeup really just felt that I was not applying it correctly and looked like a clown. My experience with Karen was absolutely amazing she is very professional and the sterilization is incredible. If you are a person who is scared of this procedure don't be Karen will make it the most wonderful experience you could imagine and then there is the end result WOW!!! GO FOR IT GIRLS IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! Karen N.

I just love the permanent makeup procedure that Karen did for me. I never imagined how painless it would be to have permanent eyeliner put on. Karen took the time to consult with me, making sure all my concerns were addressed. She has an amazing level of attention to detail. The procedure took less than an hour and didn’t hurt at all! You must keep the ointment on your eyes 5x daily for about 5 days, otherwise it is maintenance free! I’m so excited to not have to use eyeliner anymore. I just can’t believe how natural my eyes look! Jennifer O.

I feel so good about myself. You know besides going to the gym this is the first thing I’ve really done for myself. You gave me self confidence. I love to talk to people but I use to feel very plain and felt insecure. I ruined my eyebrows 15 or 20 years ago. I‘ve asked several people what could be done about the damage I did and no one could help, they would say don’t touch them ever again, maybe they will come back. My eyebrows didn’t come back and never would have. I’m so lucky I asked you if you knew what to do to get more eyebrows. In my case I didn’t need a boob job. I wanted my eyes to look better and having shapely eyebrows really makes me feel good about myself. My eyebrows are fantastic. My husband noticed immediately. He said “he didn’t think I could be more beautiful but this definitely enhanced my eyes.” Yesterday morning I just had a sliver of eyebrows and that made my eyes look lifeless. Now my eyes pop and you can tell I have greens sparkling eyes. Part of the sparkle is having eyebrows above my eyes and the self confidence. It’s just amazing what a simple painless transformation can add to your facial features. I’m not browless any more. I’m so excited. There was absolutely no pain. I could have fallen asleep during the procedure. l laid down and relaxed while you enhanced my eyebrows. I couldn’t be happier. I had absolutely no side effects. I’m off to do errands and I definitely am not hiding my eyes. I still can’t believe I have eyebrows. This is like a makeover. I’m just so happy. Thank you so much. Paula R.